Coastline Creative

Coastline have built a reputation for delivering creative, effective design work since its beginnings in 2010.

The agency was started in 2010 by Wes Dowell, who wanted to deliver high quality, affordable design work to West Dorset, East Devon and beyond. Wes started his career at an award winning advertising agency, working on the design of advertising and marketing materials for some major national brands. After a few very successful years, Wes decided to work on the other side of the design sector, and worked as an in-house creative. This role developed into a multi-disciplined position, covering all aspects of design, marketing, advertising, social media and SEO. As part of this role Wes instructed other design agencies to conduct projects, and realised how he wanted to do business. It is with these factors in mind that Coastline was born, with the core aim to correct the problems where other agencies commonly go wrong.