Illix Design

If you have any particular requests, please call and we will be happy to discuss them with you. We work with the customer to produce visuals that matches their brief. A full brief will assist in estimating the design cost, giving the right price for the right job - before it starts. If there are no brief ready to work from we'll then write it together with you first. A logo communicates with intent to stir emotion, it should be notable, understandable and pull all elements together.

All products have a lifetime, they wear out and become ineffective - the same for logos. Even 'timeless' logos will benefit from an update. Any design reflects emotional values. Having a consistent appearance ensures that your target audience easily recognises and remembers you, it also gives out a message of reliability and makes an audience confident. Visuals can inspire and motivate. Good visuals communicates with purpose and helps to make the message memorable.