Kdesigngroup - Putney

More than just another design agency, we're a rapidly expanding network of agencies, each providing an intimate, local service to business while offering all the resources of a national organisation. We're fiercely committed to producing potent, arresting work in every aspect of business communication, from design to delivery (or D2D, as we call it). Brands are stuff with magic sprinkled on. The magic is creativity. It's the special aura around a product that makes it seem so different from the rest - even when it isn't.

You like products. You love brands. Advertising is all about discipline. You want to say ten things - the reader doesn't really want to hear any of them, but might just be persuaded to listen to one. Our designers live and breathe print. Whether it's your stationery, 48-sheet poster, brochure or mailshot, we can recommend the technique that will make your idea leap from two dimensions into three.