Martin Spencer Design

MSD is a boutique (i.e small) graphic design business specialising in anyone who is willing to pay us money to create beautiful pieces. At the moment, that includes a subsea engineering firm in Dubai, a magazine publishers in London, and a PR agency specialising in transport. As well as our fine design selves, we've got a stable of other arty types, which means we can offer web-development, photography, film, print.

We leave the pretentious and pricey nonsense to our croissant munching Soho friends. We try to keep things as straightforward as possible - all our clients say that it's a refreshing approach, as well as quicker and cheaper than normal. We've been going for over 10 years, and all our work has come to us from recommendations. We're quite proud of that.

There's not much more to us - and we could just be lying anyway. We don't even have a nice swanky office you can sit in and feel like you're about to meet Don Draper.