Pixels Ink

Pixels Ink was established in 2005 by Col Gray and is committed to creating the perfect design solution for any business. Covering all areas from brand design (logos) and graphic design through to website design and development Pixels Ink can meet all of your project requirements. Priding themselves on their reputation for excellence and client care Pixels Ink go the extra mile when it comes to meeting your needs. Pixels Ink has extensive creative experience to make your project a cut above the competition.

We can take your communications problems from initial concept to finished execution. There are so many design companies out there, it's difficult to choose one. Pick the cheapest or the fastest and you could end up with a result that doesn't meet your standards. If you're looking for a design company that listens patiently, offers advice, and puts its best people on your project - you've found it. Pixels Ink is committed to getting the results that you want.