Red HQ

Red HQ is a Sheffield based company providing design and print solutions to elevate your business potential. We specialise in branding, graphic design & print management.

There are fashion trends in website design as in all other walks of life, but some trends stay around because they hit the mark. They are user friendly and are an improvement on what has gone before. We are very pleased with the website we created for Agent PR. We had already created an eye catching brand for them, with a logo using speech marks - because communication is their stock-in-trade. Now we have built them a website that uses a simple, scrolling format and clearly lets you know what Agent PR does, gives testimonials from key clients, says who they are and tells you how to get in touch. For those who like to click, you can click from section to section but if you are a scroller, this works for you too. Job done. Have a look Doesn't it look good!