Rodrigo Felix

He has broad experience with Adobe Creative Suite and 3D tools to achieve the very best graphic design results. I use Autodesk Maya since 2011 and love everything about it. One can pretty much create anything. Realistic 3D renders matching the photos, with a special photorealism technique obtained from innumerous tools. It has unique tools that facilitates every step. It's not just a drag and drop software. Many people think you can just press one button and a house will be built or a car will be modeled.

It doesn't work like that, though. Every vertice needs to be placed, one by one, in the very correct place, so recreating the real object becomes possible. I use as many references as I can find, so every corner and angle matches the reality, always accurate and with no rush, since rush is the worst enemy for 3D modeling, in my opinion. If one wants to create something "sellable", one must make a lot of effort to take the time it needs to become perfect.